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09.25.2016 4 Comments

We’ve had a lot of change this year – getting married, purchasing a house, and, with the help of family, renovating our home in the weeks leading up to our wedding. Our home is a work in progress, but has sparked a deep appreciation for design that I’m excited to share.  As an engineer, I analyze EVERYTHING and take a lot of time in preparation before executing goals. But I’ve come to realize this new website and adventure into social media will not work unless I’m ready to share the nitty gritty details of the ‘now’.

We have unpainted cabinets, a gutted bathroom, empty bedrooms, and cardboard boxes for night stands, but I still have to pinch myself every morning when I see the progress we’ve made in this home. So I’ll just start :]

Our living room before:

just start living room before

And our living room progress:

just start living-room-web

We scraped the popcorn ceilings, removed the paneling and replaced with a smooth texture, painted the brick fireplace, ripped up the original carpet for new wood tile, and installed a tongue and groove ceiling (I still have some big plans for the ceiling before it’s complete)!

We also had no furniture when we moved in which has given me the freedom to (cautiously – remember the analyzing thing?) select each piece and make this home our own.  The downside of that is we have lots of empty rooms, and we are missing key items like a coffee table and a guest bed, but that’s the reality of being a young, new home owner with limited funds, and we are ok with it.  I hope some of you can relate!


Also, our new fiddle leaf fig may photobomb every single picture for a while… What can I say – I’m a proud [novice] plant lady.


Click here to see my interior design inspiration for our living room.

Until next time! – K


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    mari s.


    Hi, I am in love with your living room interior and renovations. Do you mind letting me know where your media console is from? I am on the hunt for one just like this and most def not interested in making one myself. Thanks in advance!

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      Hi Mari! I think I answered your question on Instagram but our console is from West Elm (West Elm Dallas had it in stock when we purchased). Good luck with your hunt! I’m very pleased with our console, it’s great quality (and very heavy)!

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    I love your leather armchair and have look everywhere to find another – can you point me in the right direction. Love the look. Thanks

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      Hi Jen! I’m so sorry for the late response, life has been a little crazy lately 😉 Our leather chair is the Nina chair by Article. We love it! If you are looking for an alternative (maybe something you can physically go to the store and see in person) I’ve really been liking the Axel Leather Arm Chair from West Elm here which has a similar color and modern lines! Hope that helps!