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Left & Level Affordable Vintage Rug Sources

Yes, there are about a gazillion blog posts on the perfect vintage rug sources.  Whenever I come across one of these posts, I usually get all starry eyed and click through only to discover the rugs cost an arm and a leg. And were sold out long ago.  Don’t get me wrong, online sources are amazing, and you can still find some great deals.  Plus, they educate you on the beautiful variety available from around the world and provide detailed photos that save you the hassle of digging through dusty antique warehouses  (although some of you may enjoy the thrill of the hunt like me ;)).   Without these shops/posts on the interwebs, I probably would have no clue what to even look for in a vintage rug.


Check out this beautiful vintage/modern mix! Image Source

As a young homeowner, I seek out affordable, unique vintage pieces (affordable being the key word).  Here is my guide for discovering the perfect vintage rug on a budget:

  1.  Go local.  In your city, your county, your state.  I always find the best prices when going this route.  I recently stumbled upon our vintage entry rug while antiquing in my own backyard (that pretty thing under the boots up there ^).  This rug was unique, handmade, in great condition, and cost only $65 ! (I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head when I saw the price tag)
  2. Scour  Sure, they carry basic stuff, but check off the “antique” category (not vintage) in your search and you will see some hidden gems.  Plus, they almost always offer 50% off on your entire order and free shipping.
  3. Hit up Instagram.  It’s no secret that some extremely successful vintage rug businesses have boosted their following/sales through Instagram. Many of these small businesses offer exclusive first looks at their products on IG and post discount codes for weekends and holidays.  The secret is remembering when they restock their website and to act fast.  Want to see a few of my favorite sources I discovered on Instagram?  Keep scrollin!
  4. Check out newbie rug companies.  Gasp!  New rugs disguised as vintage are impostors, right?  Believe it or not, places like West Elm, Anthropologie, Cb2, and Loloi are realizing how much we value vintage and are doing a pretty good job at channeling authentic-looking designs.  (And you’ll never have to wonder how many cats peed on your rug or whose dead skin cells you are picking up – sorry, too far?)  I also like this option when I’m looking for a highly trafficked area in the home, like the kitchen.  It just feels wrong putting an authentic, investment piece under the stove – we are very messy cooks.
  5. One word. Ebay.  I know, it’s nerve racking to bid, and you aren’t always sure of the seller, but there are super affordable ‘buy it now’ options.   And if you are like me and don’t have the patience to fret and bid for days do this:
    • click “antique rugs and carpets”
    • check off auction
    • then sort by ‘ending soonest’

You will see all the vintage goodness with bids ending in minutes/hours so you can swoop in and snag a great deal.

Left & Level Vintage Rug Sources

Loom & Kiln | Morocco Wool | The Vintage Rug Shop | Kennedy Rose Interiors | Kaya Kilims | Woven Abode | Maven Collection | Minimal Home

Some of these shops are pricier than others, but they all have a good balance of reasonably priced items and exceptionally rare finds that warrant a few extra $$$.

And if you prefer going the ‘new’ vintage route, there are tons of options available!  I’m a big fan of mixing old with new, and for our living room (below), I loved the idea of having a true vintage piece.  But that would have left me shrieking in terror anytime muddy shoes or spilled drinks found their way into our frequently used and abused living room. (Does any one else have that vintage rug phobia?)  So, we opted for this beautiful, new piece by Loloi Rugs with an irregular pattern that mimics hand woven vintage.  And it’s SO soft.

Left & Left "New" Vintage Rug

 SO.  Are you convinced to hunt down the vintage or stick with a fresh new carpet?  Let me know below!


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