Just Start: Modern Bathroom Inspiration

11.03.2016 0 Comments

Left and Level bathroom inspo


So you know that whole post about “just starting” with your passions and stop making excuses to postpone what you really want to do?  Well, apparently there is a theme here at Left and Level, and this blog is the catalyst for blowing that procrastination to the wind!  Our next “just start” topic involves our guest bathroom renovation.  Bathrooms seem a little anticlimactic compared to life long dreams you say?  Please allow me to explain…



We moved into our 4 bed/ 2 bath house in May.  My family lovingly helped us before, during, and after our wedding as we renovated the majority of our home.  Confession: we were so excited about our design and renovation during our honeymoon that we visited a plumbing fixture store in Hawaii in hopes of finding our new kitchen faucet (it was so romantic 😉 )  We focused a lot of energy and funds on the kitchen and flooring.  Meanwhile, the guest bathroom (1 of 2 bathrooms) was gutted, and we had a new window installed in the shower [amazing].  But reno steam and funds ran out.  We moved in and simply shut the door to the gutted bathroom.

Left and Level Bathroom Inspiration


Cut to today – it’s been nearly six months, and we are READY for a guest bathroom. We have not had ANY friends over since moving in (mostly because we hate the idea of our guests awkwardly wandering through our bedroom to use the facilities).  Also, some of our best friends live out of town, and we don’t want to have to preface one more invitation with “we would love if you stayed here, hope you are ok with sharing our only bathroom with us”!  In truth, we are procrastinators and could keep putting this off, but it’s time to “just start”.  We are getting this renovation underway so we can move on with life!

laftandlevel bathroom inspo


Inspiration photos are typically behind any great design, so here is our modern bathroom inspiration!  Cement tile, wood elements, a possible dark cabinet, and as usual, brass hardware.  I cant wait!



We still have a few more fixture purchases to make before we can get this renovation off the ground, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

What do you think? Do you have any killer bathroom reno suggestions for us?