Coffee Table Inspiration

11.13.2016 0 Comments

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may have noticed our living room was lacking a key piece (well, it’s still missing a lot of pieces, but this one was pretty obvious 😉 ).  A coffee table.  And to be honest, selecting a coffee table seemed a little daunting.  I was sufficiently pleased with our living room decor progress so far and was afraid choosing the wrong table size, color, or finish might unravel all of that hard work.  But persistence (aka long nights of online searches) and Photoshop helped me through the process.

I started with the shape and color and decided to go with a round coffee table for some softness against the rest of the strong furniture lines and a dark color for a little contrast in our bright room.  Our kitchen, which is open to the living room, is nearly all white with marble finishes.  I still found myself coveting light marble coffee tables, but ultimately pushed my search towards different textures/colors so our house didn’t turn into a white marble monster.

I even explored the idea of nixing the coffee table altogether and going with a pair of small tables for a more bohemian look.  Since our sofa chaise offsets the room, this option would bring some balance between pieces. But it was still hard to shake the vision of an over sized coffee table in the space.

So after lots of research, I collected my favorites and popped them into my virtual room:

Left and Level Coffee Tables

Clearly, I LOVE mixing textures, and I wanted our coffee table to be yet another textural addition to this room.  Between the white lacquer, leather, reclaimed wood, brass, and rattan we already had here, there were tons of table options that pulled these finishes together.

Left and Level Coffee Table Sources


1: Sanskrit Table

2: Shroom Table

3: Traditional Coffee Table

4: Rosa Coffee Table

5: Juno Coffee Table

6: Banla Wood Coffee Table

I may have gone with table number four, but more on that later!

See more of our living room progress here!

Which coffee table is your favorite?