Side Table Guide

03.09.2017 4 Comments

Side tables hold a special place in my design psyche.  When I’m designing a room, the side tables can be one of the last elements I decide on because they have the power to instantly sway the ‘feeling’ of a room.   Want your space to feel thoughtfully thrown together? Select a series of mini tables/trays.  Want your space to feel eclectic?  Introduce a table with a completely new texture to the room.  Want to bring some ‘zen’ to your space? Choose a simple, metallic piece.  

Speaking to the design process of our personal home, I selected the main pieces (rug, sofa, console) to anchor the room then got to work adding the accents.  The side tables have been the newest additions to our space – some researched and planned for months, others purchased on the fly after an instant in-store love affair.

So, in true fashion, I’ve put together my favorite side tables in need of a home 😉 Click the tables for sources.

Putting these pods of information together is such a joy because it also helps me identify my genuine style.  I clearly appreciate the contrast of light natural wood, brass, and black accents.

I’ve been coveting so many of these beauties for a long time so I’d be interested in hearing which side tables are your favorites!


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    Kim Telfer


    Great round up! Number 12 is my jam!! 🙌🏻

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      Mine too, Kim! Ugh, sorry I’m so behind on comments here. Hope you have a great day!

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    Steven Snow


    Easy to select the beauty to make home sweet and beautiful through the guided side tables structures.

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      I completely agree, Steven! Side tables may be small but they can have a big impact!