Entryway Updates & Revival Rugs

10.19.2017 2 Comments

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may have noticed I recently shared a rare peek into our entryway.  As much as I would love having a bright, spacious foyer like this one:

Photo by: Nathan Schroder, Design by: Theresa Rowe

….our entryway is a little ‘cozier’ if you know what I mean 😉  But I’m a big believer in working with what you’ve got, and when Revival Rugs reached out and introduced me to their new brand of restored vintage rugs, it inspired me to address our neglected little entryway that wasn’t exactly saying “Come on in friends!” But now, thanks to our new rug, a statement mirror, and some collected accessories, it’s telling a whole different story!:

Left & Level Entryway

Because our entry is window-less and receives very little natural light (behold the power of photography – I squeezed every drop of light from the afternoon sun and hallway lighting!), I wanted to bring some life to the space with color, and this rug, in all it’s faded burgundy/blue/teal perfection, fit the bill.

As the name says, Revival Rugs has a special process to “revive” old, hand selected Turkish rugs through a method of cleaning, dyeing, and hand shaving the pile for a perfectly worn, modern look.  Words don’t do it justice… just watch this stunning video of the process for yourself!!

I learned through chatting with Revival Rugs co-founders (and husband/wife team) Amber and Ben, that the idea for their shop came about as they began outfitting their own apartment as newlyweds (not unlike me and my other half last year :)) and struggled to find the right rug for their home that didn’t cost an arm and a leg or wasn’t a cheap, machine-made replica.  As a vintage rug fanatic, I understand that struggle all too well!

While on their honeymoon and visiting friends who lived in Turkey, Amber, Ben and their friends developed the idea to bring these beautifully restored rugs back state side and offer directly to consumers at affordable prices. That sentence almost brings a happy tear to my eye!

Left & Level Entryway

Left & Level Entryway

I’ve also been collecting the other pieces for this space over the last few months.  The iron console is a simple, grounded piece that works well with tons of different looks. The woven, rattan mirror was an on-a-whim Homegoods buy. Funny story: I spotted the mirror one afternoon and ooh and aahhed while taking a photo and posting it to IG and sending to friends and family, but, sadly, left without it.  Of course, the ‘Homegoods regret’ set in on the drive home (because as with most great left behind Homegoods finds, I knew I’d probably never see it again…. R.I.P. Chinese Milking Bench). Then the responses came flooding in asking what the heck was wrong with me, and I knew leaving it was a mistake.  I turned the car around and raced to its rescue (and discovered the mirror was too big for my trunk so I made a third trip back with a larger truck).  Totally worth it.

Left and Level Entryway

I experimented with tucking a couple of different stools and benches under the console (the long bench is actually one of our dining table benches draped with Mongolian sheepskins) but ultimately decided that I’m still on the hunt for that perfect piece.  Our vintage accessories add interest to an otherwise simplistic table top and the fig tree is a great pop of color but it’s a total faux (don’t worry, I still have my real figgy alive and well in the living room)!

And because we all love a good before and after:

LeftandLevel Entryway

It’s amazing how one rug gave me that much needed creative spark to tackle our entryway space.  Now I’m actually proud to open our front door! There’s more where that came from at Revival Rugs (including vintage pillow covers) so I hope you’ll check them out and find something perfect for your home too – if you do, be sure to let me know!

Thanks for reading!


*Special thanks to Revival Rugs for providing this awesome rug for our home!


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    Anita Yokota


    WOW! Your entry way is STUNNING! And I loved learning about the revival rugs process. I love all of your photography skills too Kelsey, well done! Cant wait to see your next post. XO

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      Thank you so much, sweet Anita! I could watch that beautiful revival video all day! Happy Friday! XOX