2017 Reflections: Top Blog Posts, Mistakes & What We’re Up to Next

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So I blinked. And now it’s 2018. I’m a little late to the “reflections and resolutions” party, but I just couldn’t pass on reviewing your favorite top blog posts, what we did right and wrong this past year, and what exciting new things we are up to in 2018. Better late than never!

I’ve never been one to reset life January 1st – for me, goals have always been fluid and ever changing, which can be both a blessing and a curse, but I woke up on New Years Day and realized this: 2017 was a BIG year of change, and I didn’t even know it…

2017 Most Liked Photos on Instagram: @leftandlevel

While we did the bulk of the major gutting and renovation before moving into our fixer upper mid-year 2016, we’ve never stopped working to make this place home.  I’d say in 2017, we really started to settle in… like… we-are-no-longer-sleeping-in-empty-room-with-an-air-mattress settled in 😉 Just have a look at our master bedroom makeover for yourself.

This was also the year I transitioned my career to focus on Left & Level Interior Design full-time, and it’s been a wild, exciting, a little scary, but beyond rewarding ride so far.  With clients and spaces all over the country – ya’ll. We’ve been reeeal busy. I’ve been holding out on sharing with you guys (mainly because I haven’t had time to sit down and document all the awesome projects), but be prepared. There are some good ones coming your way in 2018.

Another highlight of 2017 was being selected as the first winner of the Wisteria and Dwell With Dignity Mood Board contest!  I’m honored and excited to be featured in Wisteria’s 2018 catalog alongside some gorgeous pieces with a portion of the profits going to Dwell with Dignity. Raising awareness for this charity was a humbling experience and one of my favorite memories of the year.

And your favorite blog posts of the year?? In first place:


Design by Amber Interiors – Photo by Tessa Neustadt

And yes, this post includes a complete shopping list on how to make this room by the design-goddess herself, Amber Interiors, your own. Good to know you are as in love with this look as I am!

In second place:


Left and Level Living - Before and After

*Face palm* I promised a renovation series detailing how we took our house from this to that^^ but life got a little crazy.  That’s my bad and definitely on the 2018 agenda. Pinky swear.

Third place goes to (one of my personal faves):


Let’s call this makeover my own off-season version on the One Room Challenge. (I’ve always wanted to join in on that fiasco.. err I mean fun competition, but the thought of designing, ordering, installing, and photographing an entire room in a matter of weeks gives me heart palpitations lol) Maybe this year I’ll get organized and make ORC happen for real!

Lastly, this DIY dip-dye tassels post didn’t get much time to shine in 2017, but tackling my first ever video tutorial was definitely one for the books! I’m only sad this post wasn’t up earlier in December so you had more time to try these out for yourselves… I blame the slow videographer (yours truly -____- ) But the good news is you can still make these basic tassels year round for throw blankets, pillows, birthday parties, etc. You know, instead of ‘put a bird on it’ just put a tassel on it!

Goals for 2018 include:

  • Posting on the blog more regularly… after all, why should my Instagram get to have all the fun??
  • Finishing our sad, sad guest bathroom situation (you know, the remodel that was on our list from last year?)
  • Bringing you more video content, and maybe even making an occasional appearance myself… just maybe…
  • Sharing more of the design process and behind the scene looks at what we are up to with our amazing clients

I better stop before the list gets too ambitious and turns into a list of disappointments. But overall, I’d say that’s a healthy set of goals, right?

Is there anything you’re dying to see here in 2018? Things are about to get revamped on this little blog, so let me know!

Cheers to a kick-ass New Year!

– Kelsey-


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    Jessica Brigham


    Girl, this article is just great!! I just watched your dip-dye tassel video (I can’t believe that was your FIRST!!) and it was AMAZING. As I write this, I am totally in the same boat of setting up next year’s goals without going overboard. I felt like I flew by the seat of my pants all year!! Love the idea of writing it all out—the good, bad and the ugly 😂— just such a great way to gain clarity for the new year. Thanks for sharing your experience!! Really loved it. 💙 xoxo

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      Jessica!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words <3 I felt the exact same way last year, and I don't think my pants can take much more lol I just got lost in your beautiful blog, and I'm so happy we can support each other on this journey! Let's do this thing! 💪

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    Anita Yokota


    Would definitely want to see you tackle all the 2018 goals here😍💥 Love your home always! Xo

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      Thanks, babe! Right back at you 😘 Excited to see what’s in store for us both this year!