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Side Table Guide

Side tables hold a special place in my design psyche.  When I’m designing a room, the side tables can be one of the last elements I decide on because they have the power to instantly sway the ‘feeling’ of a room.   Want your space to feel thoughtfully thrown together? Select a series of mini tables/trays.  Want…

Sale Alert | West Elm

It’s President’s Day weekend and you shoppers know what that means…. Sales, glorious sales!  One of my favorite shops, West Elm, is currently offering 20% off your entire purchase with the promo code “SAVE20” + bonus items are 30% off.  I’ve put together a list of West Elm favorites I’ve been stalking lately: *contains affiliate links Happy shopping friends!

A Guide to the Modern Sofa

When we moved in, buying a sofa was a big deal.  Like a “the-only-chair-we-own-is-the-floor” big deal.  But being the analytical person I am, I researched and compared the heck out of all the couches before making a decision.  Sure, it took some time, and we may have spent months watching TV from lawn chairs, but the wait was…