Hello there! In case you were wondering, there is a face behind Left & Level and this is it!  I’m Kelsey – Texas based designer, engineer (odd combination I know), newlywed, and recent homeowner.

I created Left & Level as a creative outlet to document the renovation of our fixer upper and collect the ideas swirling around in my brain.  But this venture quickly became more than just a journal.  I’m passionate about interior design and believe our environments can have a profound impact on our lives, for better or worse.  So I’ve set out to convert our home into a happy, comfortable haven – an oasis after a hectic day at work, a gathering place for our large family, a cozy spot that truly reflects our style (no matter how unconventional that may be), and I hope I can play a small role in helping you do the same.

In addition to interiors, I’m obsessed with homemade ramen, Janis Joplin, graphic design, desert living, and vintage art. Phew! Now that this introvert has met her sharing quota for the day, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to look around and drop me a line!